Suzy Hadley

Suzie Hadley was a long time member of Hunter District Cycling Club having her first race at about 10 years old in 1983. She also raced extensively with Hunter Valley Vets. She was extremely popular on and off the bike, could handle a big bunch with ease and was also able to achieve major climbs in Europe like Alpe d’Huez. Her enthusiasm was infectious and she always had a smile on her face. Despite intermittent heart palpitations she continued to enjoy her bike riding and she actually ran 3rd in a race at Kooragang the day before she passed. Her death in October 2007 left a huge void in the Hadley family and the attendance of over 500 people at her funeral was testament to her popularity. We know that those who knew Suzie will spend a little time reflecting on the memorial race day and those who didn’t know her will understand how special this race is to the family.
The Suzie Hadley memorial handicap event is held every year by our club in her memory.

Past Winners

  • 2020 – Daniel Chalhoub
  • 2019 – Graham Walkerdon
  • 2018 – Kai Chapman
  • 2017 – Declan Irvine
  • 2016 – Declan Irvine
  • 2015 – Brian Dunkin
  • 2014 – Emerson Monk
  • 2013 – Jai Waldron
  • 2012 – Keith Harris
  • 2011 – Jesse Ewart
  • 2010 – Matt Glover
  • 2009 – Charles Rodgers
  • 2008 – Rob Hadley