Frequently Asked Questions

Does my child need a license to race? 

Most certainly they do. You can register for a race license here on the Cycling Australia website. There are a number of licenses available. If you want to race, then you will need to purchase the race license. If your child has been a member of HDCC for longer than a year, the club will reimburse their annual license cost while they remain a junior at HDCC.

Rules / Regulations – from Cycling NSW website

These are extracts from the Cycling NSW Technical regulations. The full document can be found here

We are just starting out, where can we buy second clothing and equipment?

Facebook is the best place to find second hand junior equipment. If you put a wanted to buy post up, you should get some responses. There will also be parents of juniors in HDCC that would be happy to offload second hand kit that no longer fits their child.


The club also had a HDCC ‘kit order’ that opens 4 times a year. Keep an eye out on the club facebook group for announcements on order opening times and information. If you are not on facebook yet, it may be worth getting an account as this is where most of the communication occurs. Otherwise make contact with other junior parents to keep an eye out.

What racing is held locally?

The HDCC Winter and Summer race calendars are hosted on the HDCC website as well as information about racing locations. Go to and have a read. There is also racing offered at other Hunter and Central Coast clubs.


There seems to be a lot of different types of races for road and track?

There are so many types of races, rather than repeating them all here, check out the following links which explain all the different types road and track events. The cycling tips link have some great videos in them as well

Track cycling and events explained:

Road cycling and events explained:


Information for junior tours and out of town racing

Cycling New South Wales is the governing body for cycling competition in New South Wales, and each state has its own governing body. Consequently all events for state level races are available on the Cycling NSW website racing calendar which is available here. A number of riders from the club may be going and the club facebook site is a good way to find out who is going to which events.

If you are thinking about racing interstate, it would be worth checking out the associated website for that state.

Paul Olive has developed a good checklist for what is required for this kind of racing, it is available here.

Competing in out of town races and junior tours is a great way for kids to develop a love for the sport and experience the fun of travelling and competing outside their own back yard. They also get to meet lots of kids their own age from different backgrounds and places and get to see parts of the state they may not otherwise see.